About Me

As long as I can remember I have been making up stories in my head. One can only do that so long until the urge to actually write them down becomes unbearable. Here on this site you will find some of the stories and essays that I work on when I am not busy working towards my PhD. Most of them are related to history and worldbuilding. If you have any thoughts about what I post here please feel free to reach out to me on twitter. I would love the conversation.

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As From time to time I may include amazon affiliate links in my posts. If you follow these links and then buy something I may earn a commission. This is to help offset the cost of hosting. I promise I only link to things that I enjoy, so if you’re here you will probably like them too. So if you are planning on getting some shopping done anyway, consider doing so through one of my affiliate links. Lately I’ve been using Audible a lot, and this president’s day sale is a great opportunity to get into it.