Wolfenstein Was Free In The Epic Games Store And No One Tried To Cancel It

The Epic Games Store gives Wolfenstein the New Order - Game News 24

A few years ago when Wolfenstein II came out it sparked controversy for its anti-nazi-themed advertising campaign, especially for the “Make America Nazi-Free Again” slogan they used. It was strange to suddenly see many Americans criticizing the “political” nature of the game. You really have to wonder what it takes for a game where the Nazis are the bad guys to make people angry.

Anyway, for those of you who don’t know, the Epic Game store regularly gives away free video games. Most of the time they’re games from smaller studios, but occasionally give away new and old AAA titles as well. When this week I saw that they were giving away, I was excited because it’s a very good game and surprised not to see any attempt by the right to cancel Epic over it. Maybe that would be saying the quiet part a bit too out loud.

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